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Boxer Head Part 2

    -Now it's time to start building the splines for the mouth.
    -Make sure to have polyconnect on, so that the mouth splines will continue from the face splines.
    -Again add the cross sections trying to have 4 sided patches whenever it is possible.
    -Notice how the two lips are not connected, there is a spline for the upper lip and another one for the lower lip. This is important for animating the model later.

    -Now start building the spline cage for the ear.
    -I start it as a new object that I will merge later. I find it easier to do it this way.

    -When you think you have all the detail you want on the ear it's time to merge it to the head. This can be a little complicated but it is just a matter of rearranging some splines and vertices in the zone.

    -Create a sphere for the eye an set it in place. I tried to catch that "eye of the tiger" kind of look : )
    -Rearrange the vertices from the eyelashes to fit the curvature of the sphere.

    -And we are done. Below some render samples. On the left, the low poly model (Surface/Patch Topology set to 0) on the right, the high definition model (Surface/Patch Topology set to 1).

    -The finished head.