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    There are three canons for determining the proportions of the human figure:

    -A canon of seven and a half heads = ordinary figure
    -A canon of eight heads = ideal figure
    -A canon of eight and a half heads = heroic figure

    I use the Polykleitos Canon of proportions
    In attempting to express the ideal figure, Polycleitos sought
to establish a canon which would serve as a complex mathematical model for the
proportions of body parts.

    -1 Head = 1 Module
    -Body = 8 heads high and 2 heads wide
    -shoulders = a third of the way down module 2
    -Nipples = module 2
    -Space between nipples = 1 module
    -Nabel = just below module 3
    -Elbows, waist = just above module 3
    -Pubis, wrists = module 4, is in the exact center of the body
    -Hand = face high
    -Arm length = 3 and half modules
    -Knee = just above module 6
    -Standing in profile the calves project beyond the shoulder blades and buttocks
    -Godlike Grandeur
    -Mastering the canon and proportions is fundamental for human figure drawing as well
     as 3D characters modeling