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Little teaser preview of the story "I WIN, WE ALL LOSE" for Heavy Metal Magazine #278.
Written by RG Llarena and with art by myself.
On sale Wed. Dec. 30th 2015 in comic book stores and on

I Win, We All Lose Cover

I Win, We All Lose Pag 01

I Win, We All Lose Pag 02

I Win, We All Lose Pag 03

I Win, We All Lose Detail 01

"Imperator Realitatem" Character Sheet

    "The underdog" takes place in the boxing world, between violent
gangsters and a beautiful woman.
    But why a boxing story?
    Because, besides such interesting characters can come out (the fighter,
the girl, the manager, the mob boss, the trainer), boxing is a great
metaphor for life. The boxing ring is like life itself, you are all alone, and
nobody can help you, you just have one chance to give your best shot and
you have to choose between your dreams and so many interests that are
built around.
    Dedicated to all the underdogs and outcasts who become great by never
giving up their dreams--

The Underdog Cover

The Underdog Pag 1

The Underdog Pag 2

The Underdog Pag 3

The Underdog Pag 4

The Underdog Pag 5

The Underdog Pag 6

The Underdog Pag 7

The Underdog Pag 8

    A short horror story written by Chris Kirby.

    The police have a suspect in custody that they're determined to get the truth from. But the truth is far more bizarre, twisted and deadly than the police had ever suspected...

The Interrogation Cover

The Interrogation Pag 1

The Interrogation Pag 2

The Interrogation Pag 3

The Interrogation Pag 4

The Interrogation Pag 5

The Interrogation Pag 6

The Interrogation Pag 7

The Interrogation Pag 8

¿Suspicious? Pag 01

¿Suspicious? Pag 02


    He fell down the stairs of his house and broke his neck. Now his phantom dwells the roofs of the building where his wife and son still live.

Over characters created by Vedderman.

Phantom Cover

Phantom Pag 1


    This is a comic I started a few years ago. It was more like an exercise,
the story was not really important. It was like a lab for new techniques that
I fully applied in "The Underdog". This is where I first started to use
computer graphics as a new tool.

Gurdin Pag 1

Gurdin Pag 2

Gurdin Pag 3

Gurdin Pag 4

Gurdin Pag 5

Gurdin Pag 6

    Marvel Portfolio Revision. From Mighty Avengers #1

The Night Gwen Stacy Died

Mighty Avengers Detail 01

Mighty Avengers Detail 02

Mighty Avengers Detail 03


Some images inspired in Venice and it's carnival.


Sepia Dreams

Il Medico della Peste

Nostalgia (Work in Progress)



Casino I

Casino II

The Barbarian

Barbarian 2




The Knife Act

Neon Dreams



Jaguar God

Jaguar Warrior

SANTO vs Las Momias de Guanajuato

Cops Pag 1

Cops Pag 2


My Tribute to Moebius


The Bus

Tribute to Kaliman

Bike Girl

The Batman


Sketches 1

Sketches 2