These articles are not intended to be step by step tutorials.
    It is just a look into certain tips and techniques that might be useful even if you are a 2D or a 3D artist.

Drawing the human figure.

    Drawing or 3D modeling correctly the human figure is one of the most difficult things to achieve. A knowledge of proportions and anatomy and a lot of practice is the best way to start.


Head Proportions

Chiastic Pose

Character Modeling.

    In this section I'll post my character modeling work. It will be both a work in progress section and again some tricks and techniques explained as tutorials.

    If you really want to learn about 3D modeling don't loose your time here and go visit Michel Roger's home page. He is simply the best and he has the best tutorials on the web. Everything I know about modeling I learned it from him… He is the master. THANKS MICHEL!

Boxer Head Part I

Boxer Head Part II